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Years of experience

Alfons Preisinger Assessors


Our clients value our rapid reaction times, 365 day availability and professional expertise.


Alfons Preisinger - publicly appointed and sworn experts in their field. Our firm of assessors has acquired wide-ranging experience in its diverse fields of activity over more than 40 years.


We assess major damage incidents both at home and abroad and have gained extensive knowledge of almost every branch of industry in the process.

Our strengths include an impartial, analytical overview and the ability to find prompt approaches to solutions. Decisions are made on site.


Restoration plans and contract specifications can be drawn up immediately at the site of the damage.


The Alfons Preisinger team can act as coordinators per TRGS 524 and are registered Health and Safety Coordinators per the German Construction Site Regulations (Baustellenverordnung). We also hold a certificate of competence per TRGS 519.


Our certification for offshore work sets us apart when it comes to damage assessment in the case of offshore wind farms.